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Art Statement

No Bad Art 2008
A review of concise and logical standards for good and bad art.

The No Bad Art serie is a visual essay with a comic book attitude.

Raising questions about the process of judging good and bad art,
it includes the ripples, waves and eddies of the creative process...
the education, networking, and marketing of art history and the art object.

This work might disturb one's unconscious. "It's a political hot potato" says one of the posters.
One must err in order to learn, meaning all cultural workers have a history.
A recent news article on Basil/Miami hinted gallerists can also make bad choises.
It seems the art community like all systems has cultural blind spots,
by its very nature invisible to its participants.

A 2007 symposium call [York University, Toronto ON] said that "innovation and growth
are seen as the result of moving into spaces between established methods, concepts, ideologies".
Derrida's concept of deconstruction was to examine a system, past the irony and ambiguity,
to the layer that "genuinely threatens to collapse that system". Intellectuals frequently
sublimate their passions into writingThis work is not quite that hostile.

No Bad Art is of creative disturbance in a partially visible space between standards
and compromise, power and ethics. While No Bad Art hovers between truth and violence,
it's done with humour to spice rather than destroy the flavor of life.

No Bad Art Nuit Blanche 2008

  Exhibition: digital projection and mutal prints 44"x55" / 111.76cm x 139.7cm

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