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Imaginary Friend - dog

Your Imaginary Friend
It wasn't me, it was my evil twin"

How many people had an imaginary friend as a child? And now?
A bit of self-reflection confirms that below consciousness there exist
independent thought-processes like separate little selves,
who discuss and argue until a decision rises to consciousness,
where we experience it as an idea that dropped into our head.

Derrida points out that language doesn't simply reflect reality but creates it;
we see only what we understand and we understand with words. Today's psychology
suggests that everyone has a personal tale, an inner story, whose nature, tone,and character
determines how we see the world, and how the world sees us. Then there’s blind spots,
bits of ourselves we cannot or do not want to see. Jung writes that what we are blind to
within ourselves we encounter in life as fate.

My work puts words in photos and paintings, testing how written words change the non-verbal.
What would we think if there were no words? Would our feelings play a larger role?
Visual language says things we could neverput in words, and vice versa.

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