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Miklos Nikolaus Legrady

1985            Master of Fine Arts, Photography and Media, Concordia University, Montréal, Qc
1978            Bachelor of Science, Photography, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, N.Y. / S.U.N.Y. Purchase N.Y.

2022             Reflections on Beauty,peer reviewed, Journal of Contemporary Aesthetic, RISD, N.Y. August
2022             A Forensic Autopsy of a Canadian Art Magazine,New Art Examiner, U.K, April.
2021             Did Narcel Duchamp Pave The Way For Donald Trump?New Art Examiner (U.K.) Sept. Oct.
2021             Kate Brown, the next generation Yayoi Kusam.The Ritz Herald, N.Y. Sept.
2021             Iain Baxter& & the Ampers&.New Art Examiner (U.K.) . August.
2021             Scouting the Blog with Miklos Legrady New Art Examiner (U.K.). April.
2021?            Iain Baxter& - From Art in America to Art in Ampersand. The Ritz Herald, N.Y., March.
2020             MOCA Toronto + The Trendy Thing New Art Examiner (U.K.) . Dec.
2020?            Diane Lingenfelter, Among Toronto Artists The Ritz Herald, N.Y., Dec.
2020             Against Racism, Against Sexism, Against Ageism New Art Examiner (U.K.) . Nov.
2020             Bruce Barber Lighthouses Came First, The Ritz Herald, N.Y., September
2020             Rae Johnson, When An Artist Dies, The Ritz Herald, N.Y., September.
2020             Amy Bassin review, In Praise of Strong Spines, Tussle Magazine, N.Y., July
2020             The Artwork of The Naked Ape, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), July
2020             Bruce Barber’s Littoral Act and Communicative Action. The Ritz Herald, N.Y., June
2020             Information Theory, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), April-May
2020             New York Feels Empty, Notes from 1995, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), April-May
2020             La lecture visuel comme expérience de pensée, conference panelist
                    Scénographie & Technologie #3 by Franck Ancel, Paris, France, May.
2020             Anatoli Vlassov Dance During COVID-19, The Ritz Herald, N.Y., April.
2020             Scouting the Blogs with Miklos Legrady, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), Jan.-Feb.
2019             #CulturalAppreciation, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), Nov.-Dec.
2019             Investment Risk In Contemporary Art, The Ritz Herald, N.Y., November.
2019             DIAPHONER with Iain Baxter& & Anatoli Vlassov, Tussle Magazine, New York, N.Y., November.
2019             If you're a recent graduate, you’re neither artist nor curator,New Art Examiner, (U.K.), Sept.- Oct.
                    first published in Arts and Opinion (Montreal), 2018
2019             Scouting the Blogs with Miklos Legrady, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), July-August
2019             Scouting the Blogs with Miklos Legrady, New Art Examiner, (U.K.), May-June
2019             David Urban @ Corkin gallery, Tussle Magazine, (New York), March
2019             Bruno Billio / Tron 209, Tussle Magazine, (New York), March
2019             Decenter Redux II, YYZ artist outlet publications, Toronto, ON.
2019             Duchamp and the Sciece of art, Contemporary Aesthetics, RISD (New York), February
2018             Rae Jonhson in Toronto, Painting in Canada, New Art Examiner (U.K.), December
2018             Jerry Saltz and the devil in disguise, New Art Examiner (U.K.) March.
2018             Duchamp, who proved that art isn't anything you can get away with, Grimsby Art Gallery
                    Opening lecture for the Art Café Lecture Series, Jan. 19, Grismby ON.
2017             The Curious Case of Marcel Duchamp, part1, New Art Examiner (U.K.) Ill.
2017             The Curious Case of Marcel Duchamp, part2, New Art Examiner (U.K.) Ill.
2017             Destabilizing Marcel Duchamp, Vol. 16, No. 4, 2017, Arts and Opinion (Montreal)
2017             Ydessa Hendeles, The Milliner's Daughter, Tussle Magazine, N.Y.
2017             Deconstructing Walter Benjamin, R.I.S.D. Journal of Contemporary Aesthetics, N.Y.
2016             Deconstructing Walter Benjamin, conversations.e.flux, N.Y.
2016             She paints it personal, Rae Johnson, Tussle Magazine, N.Y.
                     Rae Johnson - OCADU, 2016 - https://www2.ocadu.ca/news/
2015             Walter Benjamin & semiotic art in the age of digital comprehension,
                    Hamliton Art & Letters, Hamilton, ON.
2015             Adorno, Deleuze and Guattari, the Gods that failed.
                    Maple Tree Literary Supplement. Ottawa, ON
2015             Martin Luther Paradigm, Kapsula Magazine, Toronto, ON.

2023             Art SchoolRevolution, Phunky London Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010             The Effect of Gamma Rays, Harcourt House, Edmonton, AB.
2009             Adding Insult to Imagery, Paul Petro Special Projects, Toronto, ON.
2008             Fountain of Doom, Centennial College/Centre for Creative Communication,
2008             Fountain of Doom, Centennial College/Wallace Studio, Toronto, ON.
2007             Fountain of Doom, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON.
2007             No Bad Art, OCAD street interventions, Toronto, ON.
2007             No Bad Art, street interventions, Toronto, ON.
2003             Chocolate Covered Fish, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2002             Chocolate Covered Fish, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2001             Traumwelt, Cameron Public House, Toronto, ON.
1997             Traumwelt, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.
1996             Neither Marx nor Jesus, K.O.A.P., New York, N.Y.
1995             No Bad Art, street interventions, Collective Unconscious, New York, N.Y.
1995             Neither Marx nor Jesus, The Limelight, New York, N.Y.
1994             Neither Marx nor Jesus, The Collective Unconscious, New York, N.Y.
1994             Neither Marx nor Jesus, The Gas Station, New York, N.Y.
1993             Notes from the Lab, The Gargoyle Mechanique Laboratory, New York, N.Y.
1993             Visual Language, Educational Alliance, New York, N.Y.
1991             Surprised? It’s Art! Galerie Séquence, Chicoutimi, Qc.
1991             20th Century Images, Artspace, Peterborough, ON.
1991             20th Century Images, Floating Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
1987             Mythical Creatures With Human Features, Focus Gallery,? Montréal, Qc
1987             Catastrophy Theory, Vu Gallery, Québec, Québec.
1986             Catastrophy Theory, Photographers? Union, Hamilton,
1985             Catastrophy Theory, Latitude? 53 Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1985             Catastrophy Theory, Garnet? Press, Toronto, ON.
1985             I Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Me, Center Eye Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
1985             I Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Me, The National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON.
1984             I Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Me, Optica Gallery, Montréal, Qc., Québec.
1984             I Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Me, Saw Gallery, Ottawa, ON.

2022/23        PAINTINGS 2022/2023, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON. Dec.
2021             Mistletoe Magic 2021, Jogn B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON. Dec.
2020             Painting 2020, Jogn B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON. Oct.-Dec.
2020             Ontario Society of Artists online exhibition, Toronto, ON. Oct.-Dec.
2020             100,000 Poets For Change  Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, ON. Sept.
2020             Dog Days, John B. Aird gallery, Toronto, ON  August/Sept.
2020             Terminalia 2020: Walking Women, ARTIFACTS, Grange Park, Toronto, ON
2019             Has the artist been paid? with ARTIFACTS, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
2019             Hair Stories, Nancy Buchanan book, 25 artists, Los Angeles, CA
2019             FACIO, with ARTIFACTS, Carbon Art and Design, Picton, ON
2018             The Listening Ground, with ARTIFACTS, Eco Art 2018, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
2018             Re:animation/, The Unrealized Projects, Ksenia Yurkova, Helsinki, Finland.
2018             Among Questions Raised, with ARTIFACTS, Ontario Society of Artists,
                    145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2016             Ted Hiebert - Imaginary Friend, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, B.C.
2015             Feminist FOMO NOMO, with ARTIFACTS, OCADU, Toronto, ON
2015             Feminist Architecture, with ARTIFACTS, Artscape/Youngplace, Toronto, ON.
2015             Feminist Architecture, with ARTIFACTS, OCADU, Toronto, ON.
2015             WIFF, Wardrobe International Film Festival, Roadside Attractions, Toronto, ON
2014             Agency of Unrealized Projects, Vidkole & Aranda, http://e-flux.com/aup/#, New York, NY
2014             The In-Tension2, Seiji Shimoda, Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Besançon (ISBA), France,
                     and epitelesis Performance Art Foundation, Athens, Greece
2013             The In-Tension, Seiji Shimoda, epitelesis Performance Art Foundation, Athens, Greece
2013             Darkness at the Edge, curated by Thom Sokoloski, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2013             Narrow and Wide, Scotiabank CONTACT 2013, IX Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2013             ARTIFACTS performance group, Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, ON.
2012             ARTIFACTS performance group, Pentimenti, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON.
2012             ARTIFACTS performance group, Individual Points of Fiction, A Space, Toronto, ON.
2012             Timeraiser, Framework Foundation, Ottawa ON.
2012             Timeraiser, Framework Foundation, Edmonton  AB
2012             ArtToronto.ca Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2012             Contacting Toronto, Scotiabank CONTACT 2012, TTC subway platform screens, Toronto, ON.
2012             Dreamworld Color, Scotiabank CONTACT 2012, Junction Dundas West, Toronto, ON.
2012             Artist's Book of the Moment, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, ON.
2012             An Artists' Affair, Artists' Health Centre Foundatio, Carlu, Toronto, ON.
2012             Bank On Art, Artworks displayed on ATM machines, curated by Kelly McCray, Toronto, O
2012             Big Art Book digital anthology, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough, ON.
2011             Timeless, curated by Moses Znaimer, Direct Energy Centre, CNE, and Twist Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2011             Spin 7, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX
2011             Renewal, Courvoisier Collective, Toronto, ON.
2011             Passages, Art Gallery of Peel, Peel, ON.
2011             Public bench Project, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON.
2011             With Us At Every Age, CONTACT Photography Festival, I.M.A. Gallery, Ryerson U., Toronto, ON.
2010             Gallery Artists, Moos Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2010             Colliers, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.
2010             Nuit Blanche, Fountain of Doom, Moos Gallery/Milagio Rest., Toronto, ON.
2010            (And) We All Fall Down: Cautionary Tales, 2-person show, Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON.
2010             Exposed: The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON.
2010             SNAP - AIDS committee, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2010             The Kingston Prize 2009, Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Waddington’s Auction House,
                     Toronto, ON., Acadian University Art Gallery, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Grand Theatre, Kingston, ON.
2009             Area Artist Show, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.
2008             Evil Ducky, Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON.
2008             Evil Ducky, Durham Gallery, Silent Auction, Durham, ON.
2008             Evil Ducky and the Fountain of Doom, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, ON.
2008             Timeraiser, Framework Fundation, Vancouver, BC
2008             Whodunit? Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, ON.
2008             No Bad Art 2008, Nuit Blanche, 401 Richmond, Art In The Hall, Toronto, ON.
2008             Blink, CONTACT Photography Festival, Evil Ducky, Centennial College/Wallace Studios, Toronto, ON.
2007             The Anonymous Art Awards, Rhyzome.org, New York.
2007             The Artworld Eats Its Own, with Artcrime: Ulysses Castellanos, sheetalina, Aliyyah Fazil,
                     Miklos Legrady. Alter Toronto, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON.
2007             Public bench Project, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON.
2007             No Bad Art 2007, Nuit Blanche, Dyan Marie Projects, Bloor Nightlight, Toronto, ON.
2007             Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
2007             The Kingston Prize, Honourable Mention, Canadian Portraiture - Painting competition,
                     Kingston, ON.
2007             PROPAGANDA III, (touring) START SOMA gallery, San Fransisco, CA
2007             12 ON 12, CCCA benefit, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON.
2006             Photorama, TPW / Toronto Photography Workshop, Toronto, ON.
2006             Paint Jam, Dyan Marie Projects, Toronto, ON.
2006             Public bench Project, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON.
2006             Nike/OCAD Benefit, Joga Bonito, Queen st. west, Toronto, ON.
2006             Toronto Art Expo, Toronto School of Art, Metro Convention Centre - Toronto, ON.
2005             Ability, Steamwhistle Gallery, Toronto ON.
2005             Dexteritas , The Cryptic Canvas, Distillery District, Toronto, ON.
2005             Queen west Art Scum Garage Sale, MOCCA,
                     Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON.
2005             5th Anniversary Group Show, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2004             Slowtime?........ Cinematheque by Agricola de Cologne,
                     Le-musée Divisioniste Cologne, Germany
2003             Fanny Larouche Artspace, Toronto, ON.
2003             Artists Legal Advice Services (ALAS), Toronto, ON.
2003             December Group show, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2003             Works on Paper, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2002             L’academie Amiens, Amiens, France.
2003             Le Médiathèque du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Qc.,
2001             A Kodak Moment. Publikation Uden Navn. København Denmark
2001             Taking On Colour Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, ON.
2001             Cultural Resistance, Studio Cleo, London,UK..
2001             Artcrimes, ARCO-EL MUNDO Net-Art, Madrid, Spain.
2001             ArtCrimes, Wigged.net. April - May 2001, New York, N.Y
2001             Holokaust, Art of / Art Against Torture and Execution
                     The Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad Russia,
2000             Holokaust, INFOS 2000 "net.art" Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2000             Holokaust, Rhizome Artbase, an online documentation and preservation archive for Internet art
                    http://www.rhizome.org/artbase New York, N.Y.
2000             ArtCrimes, Art on the Net 2000.
                    http://art.by.arena.ne.jp/mcmogatk/ Machida, Japan.
1999             Kosovo War, An Internet Project. Postmasters Gallery, New York, N. Y.
1998             Internet Kovek, Magyar Kulturahaz, Budapest, Hungary
1998             Internet Galaxy, Iparmuveszti Museum, Budapest, Hungary
                     Fluxus, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
1997             Theatre of Objects, Yukon Arts Center, Whitehorse, Yukon.
1997             Theatre of Objects Michigan State U., East Lansing. M.I
1996             The Tunnel, curated by Michael Alig, New York, N.Y.
1996             KOAP Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1995             Pseudo Inc., Prodigy Internet. New York, N.Y.
1993             Artists in Residence, Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1992             Beau, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa ,ON.
1991             Theatre of Objects, Exxon Cntr. Calgary, Alberta.
1991             Theatre of Objects, Musée de la Civilisation, touring Québec.
1991-1996    Le Réel et ces Simulacres, Centre nationale d’exposition, Jonqui?re,
                     Centre d’exposition Plein Sud, Longueil, Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon,
                     Centre culturel de l’Universit? de Sherbrooke, Palais Montcalm, Qu?bec,
                     D?l?gation g?n?rale du Qu?bec, Paris, France,
                     Halle au Bl?, Normandie, France, Espace Contretype, Bruxelles, Belgique.
1990             Optica Gallery, Montréal, Qc
1989             Mirabile Visu (Faire Image), Musée de la Civilisation, Québec, Qc.
1989             Power Plays, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland.
1989             Power Plays, Canada House, London and tour of England.
1989             Foto Fest, Houston, Texas.
1988             Foto Fest, Houston, Texas.
1985             Garnet Press, Toronto, ON.
1983             Latitudes & Parallels, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Man.
1978             Hansen Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1978             Optica Gallery, Montréal, Que.
1978             Open Studio, Victoria, B.C.
1977             National Film Board, Stills Photography Gallery, Ottawa, ON.
1976             George Legrady / Miklos Legrady, A Space, Toronto, ON.
1975             Chair Show, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.
1975             Exposure, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
1973             Photography and Cinema, Cinemathèque québecoise, Montréal, Qc.

2021-2022    Collaboration with Iain Baxter& - http://www.mikidot.com.
2017-2022    Toronto Editor New Art Examiner. U.K.
2020             Web design of Covid-19 Anxiety, Pam Patterson, Joanna Black, Daniel Payne.
2020             Web design and post-production video editing of Fluting Isolation, by Pam Patterson.
2020             PHONESIC PERFORMAGRAPHY, Dance and photography,
                    Collaboration between Miklos Legrady and Anatoli Vlassov
                    Online covid-19 project. Paris, France - Toronto, Canada.
2020             Presenter, Scenography & Technology Symposium #3, Franck Ance, Paris, France. 
2012-2020    Performance photographer ARTIFACTS feminist performance group.
2019             PHONESIC PERFORMAGRAPHY, Dance and photography,
                    Collaboration between Miklos Legrady and Anatoli Vlassov
                    Fletcher's Field, Angel Statue, Av. du Parc, Montreal, Canada
2019             Jury for TD THOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT 2019 ART PRIZE
                    Olga Korper, Miklos Legrady, Carrie Shibinsky jurors.
2018             The curious case of Marcel Duchamp,
                    Opening lecture for the 2018 Art House Café Lecture Series,
                    Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimbsy ON
2018             A view from the easel, Hyperallergic, July,
2015             Photography documentation, ArtNow/Expectations
                    curated by TIMEANDDESIRE (Denise St. Marie and Timothy Walker), TOAE, Toronto, ON.
2006-2013   Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Documentation website; web design/production,
                    team leader of video/photography documentation,
                    for the City of Toronto and the Canadian Art Database, www.ccca.ca, Toronto, ON.
2001-2013   Art director, web designer, the Canadian Art Database, www.ccca.ca, Toronto, ON.
2005-2012   Digital Art and Photography Instructor, Toronto School of Art.
2011            Short listed to paint the commissioned portrait of the Speaker of the House of Commons.
2002-2009   Performance photography for FADO, Toronto performance series
2008            OAAG, videography for Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic, Toronto, ON.
2002            7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, October 31 - November 10, 2002
2001            Roma Cszernysz @ Caffeine. Lola shotgun review. December
2001            Researcher, Sheridan College, Knowledge Transformation Environment, Oakville, ON.
1999            CD-ROM production, Feature Films History series, Hungarian Film Institute, Budapest
1998            Visiting Professor, Internet Design, Fine Arts Academie. Budapest, Hungary.
1998            Narrative in Stalinist Newsreels of the 1950's: an Internet and CD-ROM project
                   conceived by George Legrady, produced in association with George Legrady and
                   Varga Ballas; produced in conjunction with the Hungarian Film Institute, Budapest,
                   and the C3 Soros Foundation, Budapest
1997            CD ROM production, George Legrady's From Analog to Digital / Schloss Solitude.
                   Stuttgart, Germany  http://www.fondation-langlois.org/legrady/
1995            Internship, Artists Space, New York
1994            Collective Unconscious Spoken Word, Columbia University Poetry, WKCR-FM
1994            Co-founder and associate director, the Collective Unconscious, New York
1994            Bosch Food Chain: performance artist and assistant director in a work by Dan Green,
                   The Mustard Factory, New York
1993            Associate director, Gargoyle Mechanique Laboratory. New York
1993            Jury for A.I.R., Fringe Research Holographics, Toronto, ON.
1992            Special effects images, Oneira Films International, Beverly Hills, California
1992            Artist-in-residence, Polaroid Corp. Studio, New York.
1992            Artist-in-residence, Fringe Research Holographics, Toronto, ON.
1991            Cultural representative, Québec/ Belgium Commission.
1990            Administration staff, Optica Gallery, Montréal, Qc.
1985            Computer animation at Colorization , Toronto, ON.
1981            Researcher, McCord Museum Photographic Archives, Montréal, Qc.
1980            Photography instructor, Dawson College, Montréal, Qc.
1979            Graphic production, CBC French Language News, Toronto, ON.
1977            Columnist, Afterimage, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York
1975            Researcher, W5 News, C.T.V., Toronto

National Gallery of Canada, 32 works,
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, ON.
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa,ON
Fringe Research Holographics, Toronto, ON.
Nikon Canada Ltd., Montréal, Qc
Ontario Arts Council, Toronto, ON.
Polaroid Corp., Boston, Massachusetts
University of Ottawa, ON.
Myra Goddard Research Centre, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON.
Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
Rhizome Artbase, New York, N.Y.
Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles, CA.
Private collections

Note: an asterisk [*] after an entry indicates an exhibition catalogue.
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CARFAC union member